Well hello there cupcakes! I know this site has been pretty dead for a while, but I’m hoping to change all that! I’ve been slowly getting back into playing games recently and was introduced to the 12 in 12 through twitter and thought “what better way to get back into blogging about games too?” So without further ado, I’m jumping back into the thing and here’s my planned* 12 in 12. Most months I tried to keep with the theme of the challenge, but some months either I didn’t have a game unplayed in that genre or I don’t really play that genre.

January – Undertale

I’m looking forward to playing this game. I have quite a few friends I know are obsessed really loving this game. I started it just before Christmas, but so far I have a grand total of 37 minutes in game. Oh holidays and your lack of time for fun things. I WILL GET THE JOKES SOON GAME, YES I WILL.

February – The Stanley Parable

I know nothing of The Stanley Parable other than the name and that a good friend loves the humor in it. I’m kind of looking forward to going in blind, I think it will make for a better experience. Since February is a short month, so I’m hoping that this doesn’t wind up being a 40 hour game!

March – Transistor

Oh, Transistor. I’ve been so excited to play this for so long, but RTS games and I are usually a bad fit. This one is just so gorgeous though. I went through the tutorial once and it seemed ok, but I just never got through it, so on the list it goes!

April – Skullgirls

I love fighters. Like, seriously, LOVE fighters. I don’t often play them on computer, but after I saw the trailer for this game I knew I had to own it. I finally got a PC controller so I’m looking forward to diving in.

May – Life Is Strange

This game is the one that I’m worried about not making it to May to get to this game. I’m more than halfway done with Episode 1 already and I really love the game. I have a back up game prepared just in case though! With four Episodes to go, it’s possible that I’ll still have a couple to finish up before the end of May though.

June – Mass Effect

Mass Effect has been in my Shame Pile for a long time. You know the Shame Pile. It’s that one every gamer has where it seems like EVERY PERSON EVER has played certain game except for you. The whole Mass Effect series is that way for me. But hopefully, June will fix that!

July – Tales from the Borderlands

Borderlands, however, is not in my Shame Pile. I loved Borderlands 1 and 2. I haven’t finished Tales from the Borderlands yet though. According to Steam, I am 37 minutes into this game as well. 37 seems to be a magic number for me. I’ll leave the joke about 37 to you, it seems fitting.

August – Grim Fandango Remastered

This is another game that I don’t know too much about other than it’s been recommended to me quite a few times and every one assures me that I’ll enjoy it. I know that I like the subject matter as Dia de los Muertos is my favorite holiday and the City of the Dead/Land of the Remembered is one of my favorite legends. I’m definitely intrigued by a video game set in that world.

September – Violett

I picked up this game on a Steam sale a while ago. The artwork is top notch and I’m kind of a sucker for point and click adventure games. This feels kind of like a weird cross between Wizard of Oz, Coraline, and A Series of Unfortunate Events in video game form and that kind of speaks to my soul.

October – Alan Wake

This is another game from my Shame Pile. I’ve had it for a really, really, really, long time. If this game was a person I’m pretty sure that it would be enrolled in school by now. I started it a long time ago, but I was playing it on a laptop that was 1. A fucking laptop. 2. A piece of crap laptop that could barely run anything. 3. A fucking laptop.

November – Cthulhu Saves the World

This is another game that I’ve had for a good long while. I played a few hours of it when it was gifted to me a couple years ago, but I know I didn’t get very far before the aforementioned laptop crapped out on me. I remember it being hysterical though.

December – Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries

I love fairy tale retellings and this game looks gorgeous. Some good friends have recommended it very highly so I’m hoping this will end the year on a good note. Plus I’ve heard it’s a shorter game which should be good for the inevitable time crunch that is the Christmas Season.

Well, there’s my list. Let’s see how this works out!